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Park privileges mean following these rules:

  1. All dogs must be sterilized* and non-aggressive.
  2. Do not allow dogs to enter the river. Sorry, but the river is not clean, there’s no lifeguard on duty, and the river has a shifting tidal current that could be dangerous, especially if a dog goes out too far or becomes tired. Your pup can still “have a ball”—just keep the party on land.
  3. Watch dogs for signs of exhaustion while using the park—especially in warm temperatures. Give hot and tired dogs fresh water and a break in the shade.
  4. No prong, pinch, choke, or shock collars allowed. Use a harness!
  5. No hitting, bullying, or yelling at dogs. Please let your dog have fun.
  6. Scoop the poop. Please pay attention and protect the river, its inhabitants, and everyone’s shoes by keeping the park clean. There are plastic bags in the mailboxes for your convenience. Please be attentive, because if you fail to pick up poop, you’ll have to pick out another park.

*Know a pup who needs “fixing”? Call 757-622-PETA, option 3, for information about our low-cost sterilizations. All pit bulls are sterilized free of charge!

Problems? Emergencies?
Call 757-622-PETA, option 0, to report problems in the Bea Arthur Dog Park during regular business hours. For after-hours animal emergencies only, call 877-946-5828. Is your dog having an early-, mid-, or late-life crisis? Call 757-962-8255 for behavioral advice.

Use this park at your own risk.
Dog guardians are legally responsible for any injuries or property damage they or their dogs cause.

Good dog running with a smile holding a green ball
Good dog running with a smile holding a green ball