See who's hanging out in PETA's dog park today. Sometimes you'll see local dogs having a good time running and playing, and other times you'll glimpse something different— such as when many of us gathered to dance for a PETA fundraiser! You just never know who you'll see or what will be going on. So stay tuned and check back often!

"But what if you're closed?" you ask. We're almost never closed. But if you want to be on the safe side, just call 757-962-8302 to make sure the park is open when you plan to visit.

Please note: Because many dogs are afraid of loud noises, they will not be allowed in the park during local fireworks displays.

About PETA's Dog Park

Ever wonder what dogs are dreaming about when their tails start thumping and their toes twitch in the middle of a deep sleep? Playing at the dog park, of course! And PETA has one of the best in the land: the Bea Arthur Dog Park, a spacious dog park overlooking the water, complete with a pergola for shade and shelter, plants, and trees, right next to PETA's headquarters (501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510).

Named after the group's late honorary director Bea Arthur, the park features a water station, a toy bin, and a shaded picnic area. Make sure you check out the park's simple rules, which help to ensure safety while playing! Please note: To protect sensitive wildlife who call this area home, the park no longer offers dogs access to the Elizabeth River. Learn more >