There are so many humane and fun ways to raise funds for your school that there’s absolutely no reason to support inhumane events such as “donkey basketball,” goldfish giveaways, and other fundraisers that involve exploiting animals. By choosing a humane option, you set a good example for your students and teach them to respect others, see the bigger picture, and make compassionate decisions that benefit everyone.

It's easy to choose kindness.

Check out some of these animal-friendly fundraising options:

Rubber-duck derby racing is a fun event that’s been done successfully by schools and organizations all over the country and around the world. In Oregon, three Rotary clubs grossed $133,000 with a rubber-duck derby!

Vegan bake sales or potluck dinners can help you and your students raise money, in addition to encouraging healthy, cruelty-free eating. Ask local restaurants to donate vegan fare for a potluck, or call on staff and student volunteers to bring their own delicious plant-based dishes to share at a pay-per-person dinner. For vegan bake sales, have students and staff look up simple vegan dessert recipes and bake up some delicious cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or any other sweet treats their hearts desire.

Car washes make for a fun day outside with your students and staff—and can raise a whole lot of money for your school, too. Talk to your principal about using your school’s parking lot during the weekend, have some upbeat music playing, and get ready for a high-energy day of fun and suds!

Want some more ideas?

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