What values do you think we should be teaching students? Kindness, empathy for others, and respect for those who share the world around us are at the top of our list. Teaching kids to have compassion can be done at school—and choosing field trips and fundraisers that are aligned with this is so important.

Pledge to Use Humane Education

By taking kids to places such as roadside zoos and animal circuses or sponsoring inhumane “donkey basketball” games to raise funds, schools send students a harmful message: that it’s OK to take advantage of, bully, and even abuse those who are weaker than they are. Animals don’t want to spend their lives in dismal cages, be dragged from city to city in cramped trailers, or be gawked at by noisy, unruly crowds—and no student should be misled into thinking otherwise.

As an educator, you have the power to teach kids right from wrong and to show them how to have empathy for all sentient beings. Make your school activities count by ensuring that they’re fun for everyone involved—and by never supporting the use of animals for the amusement of humans!

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I understand that field trips and fundraisers that use animals for the entertainment of humans are wrong—and that animals used in roadside zoos, circuses, “donkey basketball” games, and other similar events are denied everything that’s natural and important to them.

When children are shown animals trapped in cramped cages or tanks or forced to perform silly and physically uncomfortable acts, they get the harmful message that it’s acceptable to take advantage of, exploit, and bully those who are weaker than we are.

As a humane educator, I strive to teach my students to have empathy and respect for all sentient beings, and that’s why I pledge to say NO to all field trips and fundraisers that harm animals!

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